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Hot on the heels of their acclaimed debut release, Tropical North Queensland five-piece AREA13 are back with a sophomore album – Classified – that showcases the band’s songwriting nuance. With five established songwriters in the band, the creative process for AREA13 is never idle. In fact, the band started writing tracks for Classified as soon as they finished recording their 2018 debut Parachutes for Puppets. This creative outflow has been steady from the very beginning, the band had only been together for a little over two years when they released their first album, and they started writing material together from the outset. That kind of musical chemistry is impossible to force, and with each member bringing their own prolific music background it has made AREA13 a formidable force on their local live scene. 

Classified gives music fans an insight into every member of the band – Rob Midgley (guitar), Julian Cliffe (drums), JP [John Paul] (acoustic guitar), Paul Southwell (bass) and Kev Boorman (guitar) – and the musical style that they bring to the band. With all the band members featuring on vocals throughout the album, it truly is an entire band effort – something that has been essential to AREA13 from the first song they wrote together and continues to hold true. 

“The creative process is really important to every member of the band,” says bassist Paul Southwell. “We all have very diverse songwriting styles, and this helps with the distinct sound we are trying to achieve with AREA13. We experimented with a lot more sounds and recording techniques on this second album. This really added to the creativity. Some of the songs were actually written in the studio, which really stretched us creatively. The process was more organic than the first album.”

AREA13 take listeners on a musical journey in Classified. The eclectic range of songs make the album a listening pleasure and is one of the reasons why the band’s music has such a wide appeal. From driving guitar riffs and rock licks, to funk-driven styles and laid-back acoustic melodies, it is a release that draws on all the bands member’s influences. The songs on the album delve into religion, politics, hate, love and everything in between. Listeners are uplifted and brought back down to earth – it is a heady journey and one that needs to be experienced, on repeat.

AREA13 spent months writing, re-writing, rehearsing before heading into the studios in March this year. They finished their final recording session in July, totaling up more than 100-hours in the studio to pull together the sound they envisioned for Classified. While they wrote the vast majority of the tracks before heading into the studio, some of the songs were penned during the recording process. 

Guitarist Kev Boorman says the songs for the Classified album seemed to pick themselves in a way. “There were a lot of ideas floating around from all the band members and it seemed like people’s ears pricked up when a good idea was thrown into the pot,” he says. “If it got a good reaction, we tried to take it further and polish it a little. There were obviously some songs that didn’t appear until later in the process, but we worked around our timing constraints and came out the other end with something we’re very proud of. There was probably a little less collaboration as far as songwriting was actually concerned, and more emphasis was placed on the arrangement of the songs. For most of the songs, we recorded a number of different demos and then went down the path of making it work for the band.”

Once again, the band recorded with revered producer Nigel Pegrum at Pegasus Studios in Cairns. The rapport AREA13 had already built with Nigel made him an obvious choice, and one that they are not disappointed with. The album is first-class quality. “Nigel pushes us on every level to get the best out of us,” says Paul. “While at the time this can be both a painful and a frustrating experience, the end product is well worth it. Add to this Nigel’s state-of-the-art production, and you get a genuinely inspiring assortment of songs worth listening to over and over again.”

AREA13’s sophomore album Classified is independently released on Tuesday 1st October 2019. 

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 Press Release For Immediate Release – Wednesday 25th September 2019



Gearing up to celebrate the release of their sophomore long-player Classified, Cairns-based five-piece AREA13 are hosting a very special hometown album launch party this October. The 10-track album is released on October 1, and this will be the first time that music fans will have the chance to listen to the album in its entirety.

AREA13 will be pressing the play button on the album, and also sitting down to discuss the tracks in detail, describing the inspiration behind the songwriting process and some of the behind-the-scenes experiences that helped bring Classified to fruition. For a band who always have a heavy live show schedule, it is a rare opportunity to sit back and talk to the people who mean the most to their music – the fans – and it is something the five songwriters can’t wait to do. 

“We are looking forward to meeting and greeting the people attending the launch,” says bassist Paul Southwell. “It will give us band members the opportunity to interact with the people who are our audience. It will also give us the opportunity to discuss how the songs were written and recorded, and also what the songs are about. It will be a great chance to get some constructive feedback from people who really count, our fans who attend the shows – without them, there would be no point to AREA13.”

For guitarist Rob Midgley, it is a proud moment. “We play a lot of gigs in our region and very rarely get to spend time with people who come and support us,” he says. “I’m proud of AREA13’s achievements to date and I’m looking forward to sharing the music we have produced. I think it is important to showcase our music to our region – this helps put our region on the international stage. It also shows local musicians there is a chance to get their music out there.”

When it came to launch the album, drummer Julian Cliffe says it was essential to the band that they did so in Cairns, as it was central to the growth of the band. “It’s important to do a hometown launch to thank all the people who have helped us along the way, which includes local venues, radio stations and most importantly, the guys who come and see us week after week,” he says. “It will be nice to actually spend a bit of time with people without having to rush off to get ready for the show, and also explaining the recording process and ideas behind the songs, and how they came to life.”

AREA13 are Rob Midgley (guitar), Julian Cliffe (drums), JP [John Paul] (acoustic guitar), Paul Southwell (bass) and Kev Boorman (guitar).

AREA13’s Classified album launch party is a free event – for additional information, please contact AREA13’s sophomore album Classified is independently released on Tuesday 1st October 2019.

Thursday 10th October 2019 | 6pm-9pm

The Jack Hotel [Front Bar], CAIRNS QLD 


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AREA 13’s 1st birthday


AREA 13 celebrate their first anniversary. On the 13th May 2017 the boys did their first gig at the Grand Hotel, Cairns. Originally called 13th Floor, the band came together with the integration of Rob, JP and Paul from 13th Floor and Julian, Kev. and Paul from Timeslider. Paul being in both bands brought the guys together to honour some 13th Floor gigs that had been previously booked.


For the nerds out there. In the last 12 months we have done over 35 gigs, 83 x 3 hour full band rehearsals (total 250 hours of full band rehearsal). Thousands of individual hours of rehearsal in our own music rooms working on new songs, writing new songs, working out drum patterns, bass lines, guitar solos harmony vocals etc. etc. We now have over 80 cover songs and 15 original songs.


We have just completed our first studio album of original songs which was recorded at Pegasus Studios, Cairns with Nigel Pegrum at the desk. This was recorded and mixed in approximately 80 hours studio time. Release date is soon.


On our first anniversary we will be recording our first ever TV appearance for Balcony TV. We will be previewing one of the new songs from the album. Watch this space for the release date of the clip.


We now have a logo designed by Sydney artist Darren Scott who is working on out new album design.


We have laughed, cried, argued, been very close to blows and tantrums and a hairs breath to packing it all in. But, here we are 12 months later still together and making music.


The plan for next year is to work even harder at our craft and to be the best band that we can be, produce the best music we can, put on the best show and entertain the folks who come to see us. Oh and to break even or make a profit would be nice….LOL 




AREA 13 take to the recording studio in April/May 2018 to record their first album. 10 brand new original songs have been written by the boys who are looking forward to the sessions at Pegasus Recording Studios in Cairns. We will keep you posted on the progress of the album and when you will be able to purchase it.




The boys are excited to be appearing on this great TV channel. They will be recording their slot Sunday 13th May at Stratford Bowls Club. All welcome, the band will also be previewing songs from their new album in a live 30 mins set after the recording, come and join the party on Sunday, times TBA. Look out for the clip on Balcony TV.

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