Cairns’ Premier 5 Piece Party Band


It’s all about entertainment with Cairns’ ultimate 5 piece covers/original party band AREA13.

Make your event stand out with this premium party band.


With two original albums released ‘Parachutes for Puppets’ 2018 and ‘Classified’ 2019 we cover a wide range of songs from good Aussie rock to the great international standards with some kick arse original numbers.


Look back at some of the great hits from the 60’s 70’s, 80’s and 90’s.


We are easy to work with and adaptable to the need of your venue.


High quality PA system, equipment, lighting and full Public Liability Insurance.


We have an infectious live performance.





live action
Paul Bass with pride flag
Julian in action
Area 13
John strumming
Rob smiling
John Paul
Kev in action
area 13 on stage
Julian in the studio
Area 13 13-min
parachute-for-puppets-album-cover rev 1

AREA13’s first album Parachutes for Puppets 2019


AREA13’s second album CLASSIFIED 2019

Date Venue Location
Dec 6 The Edge Cairns
Dec 8 The Esplanade Cairns
Dec 13 The Jack Hotel Cairns
Dec 20 The Jack Hotel Cairns
Dec 22 The Jack Hotel Cairns
Dec 31 Brothers Leagues Club Innisfail
Jan 4 Reef Casino Bar36 Cairns
Jan 10 Reef Casino Bar36 Cairns
Jan 17 Cazalys Cairns
Jan 19 Brothers Leagues Club Cairns
Jan 24 The Jack Cairns
Jan 31 The Jack Cairns
Feb 7 Brothers Leagues Club Cairns
Feb 22 Reef Casino Bar36 Cairns
Feb 28/29 Corporate gig
Mar 1 Corporate gig
Mar 20 The Edge Cairns
Mar 27 Brothers Leagues Club Cairns
Apl 4 The Jack Cairns
Apl 17 Top Pub Cooktown
Apl 24 The Jack Cairns
May 2 Corporate gig
May 10 Brothers Leagues Club Cairns
May 29 Brothers Leagues Club Innisfail
June 12 The Jack Cairns
June 27 Brothers Leagues Club Cairns
July 4 Wedding Cairns
July 11 Brothers League Club Cairns
July 18 Cazalys Cairns
July 24 Discovery Festival Top Pub Cooktown
July 25 Discovery Festival Top Pub Cooktown
Aug 14 Cazalys Cairns
Aug 21 The Jack Cairns
Sept 4 Lakeland Hotel Lakeland
Sept 6 Lakeland Hotel Lakeland
Oct 9th Cazalys Cairns
Oct 10 Brothers Leagues Club Innisfail
Oct 17 The Jack Cairns
Nov 13 Brothers Leagues Club Innisfail
Nov 20 The Jack Cairns
Dec 4 The Jack Cairns